14 September 2023


14 September 2023

Press release, Dubai, UAE – 14 September, 2023: In a bold move to further digitise its offerings within the transport and logistics industry, Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA is proud to announce that Fleetboard, a pioneering telematics service provider created by Mercedes-Benz Trucks, will soon come pre-installed on all Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks. This groundbreaking integration will provide fleet owners in the Fleetboard-active markets – the UAE, Morocco and Kuwait – with unparalleled access to cutting-edge telematics and connectivity solutions, elevating fleet efficiency.

As transport and logistics operations increasingly rely on digitisation, telematics has become an invaluable tool, gathering real-time data on both vehicles and drivers, ensuring continuous monitoring and optimising performance 24x7.

Offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimise fleet operations, Fleetboard includes monitoring capabilities that can be categorised as: Service & Uptime, Performance Analysis, Trip Records and Mapping. This dynamic array of tools empowers fleet owners to make data-driven decisions, maximise productivity, reduce operational costs and streamline logistics processes.


Key Benefits of Fleetboard's Features for Fleet Owners:

Service & Uptime: Ensures optimal vehicle uptime, minimising downtime and allowing for proactive maintenance planning, reducing service-related disruptions.

Performance Analysis: Provides valuable insights into driver behaviour and vehicle efficiency, enabling fleet owners to enhance driver training and improve fuel economy.

Fuel saving: A significant fuel saving can be achieved by driver training based on the driver performance analysis.

Trip Records and Mapping: Offers precise tracking of routes and destinations, aiding in route optimisation, reducing fuel consumption and enhancing overall fleet performance.

Messaging: Enables fleet managers to transmit messages and geocoded addresses to drivers.

Executive Monthly Reports: Provide a comprehensive summary of critical data and the fleet's progress over the previous month. Alongside maintenance scheduling, these reports, intended for fleet owners, include a hierarchy of the most economically proficient drivers/vehicles and offer suggestions for enhancing vehicle efficiency.


Fleetboard's integration into all Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks also marks a significant step towards enhancing road safety. With continuous monitoring and improved driver performance, fleet owners can foster a safety-first culture within their operations, leading to safer roads for all users.

For truck produced starting from September 1, 2023, all Mercedes-Benz Actros will have Fleetboard hardware pre-installed and will come with a 3-year’s cost-free subscription, allowing them to harness the full potential of telematics and connectivity solutions for the next three years without any additional cost. This strategic move underscores Daimler Truck's commitment to advancing the transport sector by leveraging digital solutions and equipping fleet owners with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Olaf Petersen, General Manager, Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA FZE said: “With Fleetboard becoming an integral part of all Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks, we are reinforcing our dedication to driving innovation in the transport and logistics sector. Fleetboard's advanced telematics will undoubtedly empower fleet owners to optimise their operations, improve road safety and navigate the digital future with confidence."



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