21 April 2020

FUSO to support vehicle warranty extensions in MENA

21 April 2020

The current global situation has resulted in extremely trying times for businesses and individuals alike. In order to support FUSO customers and their services to society, FUSO is now offering extended warranties to customers in the MENA region as part of a worldwide assistance program designed to help meet these challenges.

Any FUSO truck, bus or engine with a warranty expiring between March 15 to May 15, 2020, is now valid for an additional two months of warranty coverage.

CEO of Mitsubishi-Fuso, Hartmut Schick, has said “our customers are working tirelessly. We want to give them our fullest support.”

FUSO has rolled out this program to assist their customers in tackling the increased demands on transport, supply, delivery and emergency support, which are paramount to communities and the vital services that safeguard society’s well-being. Meanwhile, FUSO continues to ensure the safety of customers and employees at service locations that remain open.

For full details of this additional coverage, please contact your local FUSO distributor.

Further information about FUSO is available on our global media site https://www.mitsubishi-fuso.com/