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TruckParts by Mercedes-Benz

Replacement parts for your proven Mercedes-Benz Actros.

TruckParts by Mercedes-Benz are the high-quality replacement parts for your proven Mercedes-Benz truck.
No matter how reliable your proven Actros is in taking your business on the road, after a few years of use, cost weights more against benefit particularly when it comes to spare parts.TruckParts by Mercedes-Benz offers you a cost-effective solution for your ageing trucks:
parts that have been specified, tested and approved according to Mercedes-Benz standards.
Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles provides experts with a lot of knowledge and experience who will take charge of the procurement and installation of your TruckParts replacement part. This guarantees you quality at an optimum price-performance ratio, and reduces costs and downtime – so that your truck is back on the road as soon as possible.
With TruckParts you get your familiar quality, safety and reliability in a Mercedes-Benz workshop – with up to two years warranty.



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Explore the new Zetros 3643 AS 6x6

Desert, mountainous regions, rough terrain and extreme off-road conditions – the new Zetros 3643 AS 6x6 shuns no challenge and gets the toughest jobs done. With a GCW of up to 116 tons and the new powerful 315 kW (428hp) engine, the three-axle semitrailer tractor-head continues the long-lasting history of the Mercedes-Benz ‚Abu Booz’ bonnet style trucks in the Middle East and sets new standards when it comes to difficult off-road applications.

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